Third Party Configuration

Zeeknox system engineers will help our customers not only build a network infrastructure, but also provide services on third party software installation, configuration, and integration. For example, system migration would cause compatibility problems.

Zeeknox will provide the plan, deployment, configuring and testing services to make sure your application software seamlessly work with the new system. Typically, small business software such as Quickbooks, Peachtrees, etc., especailly network versions requires configuration on shared folders, printers, backup services. Zeeknox can also assist your dedicated vendors to configure their software.

Software Development

Our mission is to provide services that increase your productivity, profitability, and competitive advantage. To this end, Zeeknox focuses on the following specialties:

  • Internet / Intranet design and development
  • Database architecture, design, programming and management
  • Web content management
  • E-Commerce systems development
  • Client / Server programming and consulting
  • Project management
  • Systems integration

Software Sales, Training & Services

With the hardware cost getting lower and lower, the software has been a more and more significant part of your total computer system cost. The software includes network operating system, desktop operating system, office applications, business applications, and customized software.

Zeeknox plays a key role in helping you make the smart decision for the software investments:

  1. Need-based cost effective short term and long term plan for software procurement.
  2. System and application software deployment, installation, setup, and configuration.
  3. Training on business applications, databases, graphics, multimedia, networking security, operating systems, programming, web design and internet based on the nature of the business operation.
  4. Security audit and monitoring.