Zeeknox knows how important the data are for our customers. We are dedicated to recovering data for you as quickly as possible. Having accumulated experiences when dealing with various kind of damages, we are capable of a complete data restoration of your hard drive.

When do you need us? If your system cannot boot at all, if your hard drive has failed or is malfunctioning, or if you hear clicking or grinding noises, we strongly recommend that you immediately turn off the computer and contact us. Our specialists will provide an initial diagnose and give further suggestions before it is getting too late.

Because data recovery can be a complicated process, we suggest that you contact Zeeknox for data recovery or repairing your disk drive. Further damage can occur if you attempt to repair it yourself, especially when data are accidentally purged or overwritten.

Zeeknox will also help you make disaster plan to protect your personal or business data especially in the case of flooding, hurricane, or lightning.

Remote Network Monitoring

The office network is not running constantly without any maintenance. Zeeknox provides network security and vulnerability scan services and tools that allow auditing and monitoring network computers for possible vulnerabilities, checking network for all potential methods that a hacker might use to attack it and help to identify potential problems

Zeeknox remote network monitoring solution checks the behavior and availability of your sites, services, and applications. We help you optimize the internet experience of your customers.