System Maintenance Contract

As your “part time IT department”, Zeeknox provides full-fledged IT services with a tiny fraction of a usual cost. We are at service 24/7. Our current contract ranges from $500 ~ $40,000 per year depending on the business size and the nature of the services provided. All service contracts are tailored based on what you need with guaranteed quality.

Here is a list of typical services provided by Zeeknox:

Virus Scan/Clean: Used for the detection and / or cleaning of a virus from a customer’s mass storage device (hard drive).

Peripheral Card Installation: Covers the charge related to the installation of any peripheral card. Included in installation are basic testing and the loading of any drivers required for testing.

Memory / Processor Upgrade Installation: Installation of memory and processor upgrade services

Mass Storage Installation: Installation of all mass storage hardware, Included are Hard Drives, CD ROM, Tape Drives, Optical Drives etc.

Application Installation: Installation of floppy disk or CD-ROM based application software, installation is completed at a default level and does not include customization.

Data Transfer: For use during a Mass Storage Installation when the transfer of data is required from one storage device to a new storage device. For example, data on 10GB HDD is transferred to a new 120GB HDD during an upgrade.

OS Installation (Default Configuration): Installation of Operating System software (Windows ME/2000/XP/Vista).

Multimedia Installation: Installation of a multimedia kit.

Email/Website Maintenance: website text content modification. Email accounts setting and modification up to 100 users.

Computer Network Maintenance: extra computer connect to the current network.

Computer Repair

Having Problem with Your PC?

Zeeknox offers free diagnose and estimation if the computer is repaired by Zeeknox. There is a Money Back Guarantee if the problem is not solved. All charges are informed in advance. No Hidden Cost.

Zeeknox has a highly experienced technical team with more than 15 years of experiences repairing from IBM PC 8086/8088 to modern PC with dual cores.

No matter hardware or software problems, Zeeknox is the right place to take care of them.

If you suffered from:

  1. PC not booting
  2. Data Loss
  3. System runs slow
  4. Printer problem
  5. PC networking failure
  6. Virus attack
  7. Pop up windows/ Browsing problem
  8. Any other problems with your Desktop, Laptop, and Periphrals…

As CompUSA Preferred Service Provider, Zeeknox is the perfect place to go.

Zeeknox repairs computers in store and On Site. The rate is much lower than stores as Best Buy and Circuit City with a better quality!